Monday, November 05, 2007

Five pictures from N.C.

The weather has been nice here every day except one. The mornings are cool, but the sky is bright blue and the sun warms everything up by afternoon. The high temperature is supposed to be 70ºF/21ºC today. I'll be going down to Harker's Island for lunch and a visit to the waterfowl museum there with my mother and some friends from Raleigh.

An inviting scene on Adams Creek

The one day when the weather was not so nice was Friday, when a hurricane traveled by out at sea. We caught the fringes of it, and we experienced strong northerly winds for more than 24 hours. That wind causes high tides, and there was some flooding in the marshes and at other low-lying points. The water was very choppy.

Looking north from Morehead City over toward the
Blair Farm development across the mouth of Calico Creek.
Monster houses, steely water, and whitecaps.

The weather is supposed to change tomorrow. A cold front is moving in from the Midwest. High temperatures will drop to 55ºF/13ºC. Nighttime temperatures will be down around freezing. It is November, after all.

Cotton bolls in Carteret County, NC

Over at Adams Creek, I noticed a field of cotton. There were others that had been harvested already, and there were big bales of cotton sitting on the edges of those. My sister told me that a lot of North Carolina farmers who used to grow tobacco now are growing cotton.

Seen on the side of a Mill Creek fire truck

And finally, here are a couple of pictures I took at the Mill Creek Oyster Festival. The festival was a benefit for the local volunteer fire department.

Rubber duckies, but what for?

I have no idea why there was a little inflatable wading pool full of bright yellow and red ducklings out behind one of the booths at the festival. There was no water in it, and nobody was attending to it.


wcs said...

Why didn't the Saturday post show up until Monday?

wcs said...

How far back did you turn those clocks???

ginny said...

Hey, growing cotton instead of tobacco! Sounds like a big win!

Love the rubber duckies picture!

Evelyn said...

We saw some cotton fields on our trip to Atlanta via Rome Georgia on Sunday. There were more cotton fields than I remember...

Maybe they used those ducks for a game at the festival. Sometimes I think they put numbers on the bottom to award prizes.

It's still shirtsleeve weather here, but will change soon I think.

Emm said...

Maybe the rubber duckies are for some kind of race. Lots of places have been doing that in recent years, for fundraisers and such. If you didn't come across it in California, maybe it's an East Coast thing.

Love the picture of the Adirondack chairs looking out over the water.

Ken Broadhurst said...

The picture of the ducks I published is just a portion of the picture I took. Sure enough, one of the ducks in the part of the picture I cropped out is turned over and you can see a number on the bottom...