Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A day at the beach

The Atlantic Ocean on a beautiful calm day

Being here on the N.C. coast when the weather is fine is just great. And yesterday the weather was very fine indeed. It was almost hot out. The low temperature this morning in Morehead city was 67ºF, or about 19ºC. Tonight, however, the temperature is expected to drop to 30ºF or -1ºC. Brrr.

Yesterday morning, my friend Monet from California and I took a walk on the beach in the resort/retirement community called Pine Knoll Shores on Bogue Banks, the barrier island that separates Morehead City from the ocean.

Monet and I met in California in 1989, when we both started working for a company called Software Publishing in Silicon Valley. We were both from North Carolina, and we soon found out that we actually had mutual friends in N.C. We've been friends ourselves ever since, and it was great that she was able to come to N.C. while I was here this time.

Monet and her mother drove the three hours or so from Raleigh down to the coast to see me and other friends of theirs in Morehead. They, my mother, and I had lunch on the waterfront in the beautiful old N.C. port town of Beaufort yesterday. We actually sat outdoors on the second-story porch of a restaurant, where we had a nice view of the harbor and boats docked down below.

It is so comfortable here for me. I know how to talk to people in our Southern ways and dialects. I slip right back into it when I arrive. People are very polite and cheerful.

At lunch, my mother just wanted a glass of water with her meal. When the waitress brought it, Ma looked in the glass and said to the young waitress: "Honey, there's something floating in my glass."

"It's probably just a lemon seed," the waitress said.

"No, I don't think so," Ma answered. "It's got wings."

The people at the table next to us burst out laughing, and the embarrassed waitress went to get Ma a fresh glass.

The rest of us were drinking "sweet tea." We had a nice lunch.


ConnMc said...

I enjoyed your photos of the sandpipers, something I can't resist taking pictures of when on the coast of Florida. Glad you are enjoying your time in NC.

Evelyn said...

I love dialects also. Our next door neighbor rang the door bell this afternoon. He wanted to talk to Lewis who wasn't available. Our neighbor said, "tell him to give me a holler when he gets in."

I'm reading a book about Scot Irish people in Ky and Pennsylvania which has a list of sayings. Some I've heard are: airish for chilly, hull as in beans, ill for bad-tempered, piece as in fur piece or a distance, swanny, as in I'll swanny.