Thursday, October 25, 2007

Departing Saint-Aignan, temporarily

Soon to be on the road again

This is a test post for this old blog. Tomorrow I'll be leaving Saint-Aignan and going to spend the night at the airport near Paris. Then I'll fly out Sunday morning, arriving in Atlanta late in the afternoon. I'll spend three days in northern Alabama before continuing on to the coast of North Carolina to visit my mother, sister, and the rest of my family there.

I'm going to try to post topics here while I'm in the U.S.


isabella said...

Bon voyage, Ken!

I am also traveling this weekend, from cool and damp Michigan to sunny and warm Florida ;-)

Betty C. said...

How funny to learn about this other blog that has been in the shadows! I love your images of the US in the November 4 2006 post -- for me a "dog" station would be number one too!

bluevicar said...

Bon voyage!

You'll practically be in my old stompin' grounds of central Virginia. Have fun!

Meilleurs voeux!!